Ep014 // Best of 2017


What is The Bible

Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God

The Sacred Enneagram

The Naked Now

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Falling Upward


Bonus ***

My Life in France

Liturgy of the Ordinary

At Home in the World

LIBARY APPS (great for free audio books)




The Daily

The Liturgists

  • Fake News and Media Literacy
  • Shame - Live from Seattle 
  • Pale Blue Dot
  • Christian Violence

The Robcast

  • The Mythic Power of Christmas (EVERYONE, LISTEN TO THIS)
  • The Thing in the Air Series
  • Alternative Wisdom
  • Intro to Love
  • Everyone is your Teacher
  • We are the Comittee
  • Malones Cajones
  • I was Told to Come Alone 

Impolite Company

Balanced Bites

The Healthy Moms Podcast

Ep 97 Guest Aviva Romm

The Simple Show

  • A year off the internet
  • Ep 95, Extracurriculars
  • Ep 88, No and Yes
  • Ep 85, A Fabric Designer

The Lazy Genius

  • The LG Gets Dressed (#19)
  • The LG Makes Tomato Sauce (#20)
  • The LG Does Laundry (#21)
  • The LG Budgets (#37)
  • The LG and Self Care (#43)
  • The LG Makes a Smoothie (#31)
  • The LG Organizes a Home (#34)
  • The LG Bakes Cookies (#25) 
  • The LG Navigates Family Tension (#40)

The Sorta Awesome Show

For the Love! With Jen Hatmaker 

BONUS ****

Smartest Person in the Room (Esp the body/soul series)