Ep009 // Reimagining Pro-Life


I'm Pro-Life, and Pro-Refugee // The New York Times

The link below may seem a bit out of place. Like most of history, dates and facts can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. In order to understand the role of Planned Parenthood, we believe it is important to understand historical figures like Margaret Sanger. We believe that "poverty breeds violence, and violence breeds poverty." This is incredibly important in understanding her personal story, as well as seeking to understand the role children and women had (or did not have) in society. These sorts of ideas have current consequences. 

Margaret Sanger and the International Birth Control Movement

Again, the article below may seem out of place and not in-line with the Umble's stance on abortion. Yet we believe it sheds light into the lives and (incredibly difficult) circumstances of others, that we may never encounter ourselves. 

My Second-Trimester Abortion // Rewire

Being pro-life, means supporting policy that supports the ability for a family to thrive. That's Shalom. Below are two graphics that demonstrate the stark contrast between American and non-American culture in how they support a thriving family culture. 

In this episode, Jess brought up being given a free breast pump under Obama Care. Here is a look into something known as, "The Milk Gap." 

The Breast Milk Gap - The New York Times