Weird Amphibians - Defined

"Christ did not come to make us Christians. He came to make us fully human." - Hans Rookmaaker

We're weird amphibians . . . both body and soul, flesh and heart (Lewis says it best, I have his quote on the About page if you want a refresh). As we seek to become fully human, I believe we are inevitably closing the gap between our material selves and our immaterial selves. Because Jesus makes us whole. In sharing my own thoughts on this blog, I also want to start sharing that which (I believe) is being used to make me more human . . . the goodness, truth, and beauty that exists all around us. That might be a book, artist, herbal tincture, movie, friend, author . . . you name it. 

Weird Amphibians exists to promote the sacred amongst the secular, wellness of both body and spirit. We celebrate culture, pursue wholeness, and seek to be fully alive and fully human.