Weird Amphibians is a podcast hosted by Rick and Jess Umble. They were married at age 12 (sorry, no, 21) and have two children. They have read all the right books, schedule weekly date nights, and already know where they are going to send their children to college. They have everything totally figured out.

Ha. No. In reality, Weird Amphibians is an invitation to join them on their pursuit of The Good, The True, and The Beautiful. From books to music, marriage to homebirth, television to chocolate, they are seeking to move further up and further in. They launched the Weird Amphibians podcast in 2016 and have found great joy in using it as a place to explore and share with others, as they sift through their own faith and worldview. It's a pursuit to be fully human. 

Rick is a Phoenix native and Jess will never not miss the beach . . . though Phoenix has made up for her loss in both wonderful people and food. Welcome to our corner of the interwebs. 

Photography by Mel Bosna (she is wonderful, hit her up Phoenix crew)